Discover Auckland; the 'City of Sails'

Centred between two harbours and dotted with 48 volcanic cones plus a bordering rainforest, take time to discover that Auckland is a city like no other.

Sparkling waters catch the eye and beckon from almost every point in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city. Set amongst volcanic islands and a multitude of harbours, it’s easy to see why we call it the City of Sails, it’s the perfect playground for yachties. Savour a vibrant Polynesian lifestyle in the city’s markets and restaurants or take to nature and dig your toes in the coarse volcanic sand of the regions western beaches.

When in Auckland don't miss - the Auckland Pacifika Festival.

Auckland's Pasifika Festival celebrates the diverse Pacific Island communities with a week of events taking place in March each year. The festival is the most significant cultural festival in the South Pacific. A highlight in Auckland’s calendar of events, attracting crowds of over 200,000, the festival offers something for everyone.

Did you know?

When you're sprawled out on the grass at the Auckland Domain, remember that you're perched on a volcano. Along with Albert Park, this was the site of one of Auckland's first eruptions. The largest, and most recent, eruption was around 600 years ago at Rangitoto. During this time the region was dotted with 48 volcanic cones. You can still spot these cones today – just look for the tell-tale green pastures in an otherwise densely built-up city.

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