Discover New Zealand’s secrets by travelling like a local

There's something to discover round every corner in New Zealand... so why not travel like a local and discover New Zealand's secrets for yourself?

One of the reasons people love New Zealand is that it’s small and isolated and unspoilt. You get the feeling that around every corner there's something to discover, something only the locals know... so why not travel like the locals do and discover their secrets for yourself?

InterCity is New Zealand’s largest and most popular bus network, travelling to more than 600 destinations around the country. As well as point-to-point travel, InterCity offers a range of national bus passes including InterCity FlexiPass, an hours-based bus pass. One of the many benefits of FlexiPass is there’s no set itinerary, so you can choose your own path and go wherever the fancy takes you.

‘' am so glad I found the InterCity bus pass. It was much more flexible, allowing me the ability to go where and when I wanted and to stop if a place appealed. This truly was the best way for an independent traveller.' – FlexiPass user

A FlexiPass is valid for 12 months and can be topped up with more hours if needed, giving you plenty of time to explore New Zealand. Booking travel online is a piece of cake, and if your plans change you can cancel them up to 2 hours before departure with no penalties – perfect if you decide to stay another day along the way.

British travel blogger Arianwen Morris of Beyond Blighty recently toured New Zealand using an InterCity FlexiPass and loved the experience. "Intercity buses made travelling the length of New Zealand hassle-free and enjoyable," she says. "Booking last-minute online was a piece of cake and the directions for getting to pick up points were easy to follow. I loved the personal touch from most of the drivers, who really made an effort to get to know their passengers and who gave hilarious commentary throughout each journey."

A survey of recent FlexiPass users found value for money and the flexibility to set their own itinerary were the main factors that influenced their decision to buy their pass. Over 95% of pass holders surveyed said they would recommend Flexipass to family and friends.

Travel blogger and photographer Isabella Valenza of Germany used a flexipass to travel around New Zealand with her boyfriend. "Our favourite part about using the FlexiPass was that it really was as flexible as the name suggests," she says. "Being able to add, change or remove bookings at any time was a definite advantage for our constantly changing itinerary."

Another bonus of travelling around New Zealand by bus on a FlexiPass? A trip on the Interislander ferry between the North and South Islands is included in your pass at no extra cost. 'My travel was made easy in that my bookings on the Inter Islander and Inter City Buses connected without a hitch. A great experience!' said one user. Your pass also includes a number of sightseeing tours around New Zealand.

New Zealanders (or Kiwis as we call ourselves) are famously friendly and love hosting visitors – in fact, UK newspaper the Telegraph just named New Zealand the best place to visit. So why not grab yourself a flexipass and come travel with us? You never know what could be just around the corner...

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