Eiffel Ashburton

You think you’ve seen this small town before. And then, amongst the lush green paddocks and provincial main street, you see it. It’s Euro style...

...Paree sophistication. Right in the middle of Canterbury countryside.

Ashburton is a New Zealand township of 26,000 people with a tremendous agricultural base and even bigger heart. This is where hospitality was born – home-grown, the kind you write home about.

This is where a mince pie is a mince pie. And when you’ve had enough mince pies, you find yourself at the Somerset Grocer.

On a day when you’re craving Kiwi humour and hometown warmth, you walk through its doors, straight into New Zealand heartland. On the same day, when you’re dreaming in Parisian, the Somerset Grocer caters to your imagination.

The barista behind the counter is doing things with steamed milk you never expected to see in Mid Canterbury. The cabinet is full of slices and sweets that are far too much fun to be French.

The Somerset Grocer is an inspired Euro-style café and deli that can be everything a traveller needs – a touch of Kiwiana and a trace of Euro sophistication.

Conveniently located (like everything in Ashburton) just off the main street, on Burnett Street. Look for us on the Ground Floor of the new Somerset Building.

Somerset Grocer – open Monday – Friday, 8am till 5.30pm and Saturday 9am – 3pm.


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