Know Where to Go: Road Trips Made Easy

Deciding on a road trip itinerary will soon be simpler thanks to the soon to be released travel itineraries from Motorhome Republic and Airport Rentals.

Trying to work out a travel itinerary for a place you’ve never visited can be a real hassle. Of course, you can look at a map and plot the most direct route easily enough, but designing a journey that will treat you to the very best of what the country has to offer… that’s a little more tricky. Fortunately, experiencing all the secret delights hidden along the roads of New Zealand and Australia will soon be a matter of course, due to the imminent release of an itinerary series from Motorhome Republic and

Dreaming of South Island adventures? You’ll find a wealth of information on travel times, attractions, sights and more for a whole range of routes on New Zealand’s “Mainland”. Maybe you’re after a real epic of a road trip: a Melbourne to Brisbane itinerary will soon sate your hunger for the open road and guide you to fascinating corners of the country you might never have otherwise seen. From the sun-drenched beaches of the Gold Coast to the lush rainforests of the Catlins, these itineraries will lead the way to both major tourist attractions and little known gems.

Never again will you have to worry that you’re missing something special in those tiny blink-and-you’ll-miss-them towns or be at a loss for what to do in an unfamiliar city. Find out at a glance how many days your trip will take, click through for extra information on trip highlights that catch your eye, discover both beautiful and bizarre unsung attractions… this is the itinerary planner that your New Zealand vacation has been needing. Of course, the itineraries are flexible - everyone likes to travel a little differently, see different sights, travel at different paces - but no matter how you plan to tackle your New Zealand tour, you’ll find that this new travel itinerary planner series will accommodate your plans. They’re not designed to tell you what to do, but rather what you can do - providing you with the very best information so that you craft a New Zealand itinerary that suits you.

Motorhome Republic General Manager Phil Wright said of the new itineraries, “We appreciate that despite the freedom that renting a campervan brings, many people now want inspiration. It’s obviously much cheaper if the planning is done well in advance and that’s our aim with these itineraries, giving our customers a real sense of what they will experience along the way. We will also include some attractions that are off the beaten path - rare gems that are quite unique to motorhome customers and that add real experiential qualities to the itinerary.”

And while we’re starting off with a focus on New Zealand itineraries, that’s just the beginning. Our first Australia itinerary has already been drafted and there are many more waiting in the wings. Seeing as a campervan hire in Australia is such a popular way to sample this massive country, Motorhome Republic is excited to be able to bring travellers a great new resource to help them launch out into the unknown with itineraries to use as templates for popular road trips. Likewise, picking up a car hire in Aussie and hitting the open road has been the starting point for countless incredible stories over the years, and the team at is keen to facilitate this proud tradition.

Motorhome Republic is a site that helps thousands of people every year embark on motorhome adventures. With a network of more than 300 suppliers in 28 countries, MHR is the perfect place to organise your New Zealand campervan hire.

The team at are passionate about helping you find a hassle free car rental at a great price. They know that picking up an airport car rental and hitting the road should be a smooth, painless process, so that’s what they constantly strive to provide.

To see the freshly minted itineraries as soon as they become available, keep an eye out on the Motorhome Republic and websites for a brand new itineraries tab in the coming months!

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