Where to stay during your Queenstown ski holiday

What is the best location for your ski holiday? The 'Snow Guide to New Zealand' says Queenstown's historic precinct "is the perfect base for skiing"


Well, one thing you should think about is that not all accommodation in Queenstown is within easy walking distance from the town, and often a cab or shuttle bus is required to get you to and from your accommodation.

On freezing cold nights it is not too much fun standing at the bus shelter or taxi stand having to wait some time before transport arrives.

The eat-streets of the historic precinct are however just a 2-minute walk from Arrowtown House Boutique Hotel. Here you can choose from more than 20 cafes, bars, gasto-pubs & restaurants.

But wait, it gets better.  Returning to the hotel after a days skiing you can enjoy a glass or two of wine with appetisers. No need to worry about who's going to drive ..........as no further driving is required.

Then while you enjoy a pleasant 2-minute stroll to the restaurant of your choice, perhaps spare a thought for those poor souls who have not yet discovered the advantages of avoiding the melee downtown.

They'll be locked in cars, heaters blasting, kids getting irritated, circling endlessly looking for a car park like hungry sharks!

I'm biased of course, because I'm what's know as the converted. This term is used to describe those long-time visitors to Queenstown, who remember how the town once was, small & intimate...............& preferred it that way.

The converted are those who have discovered that in the historic precinct the heart New Zealand is alive

If you're like me [a little selfish!] & prefer charm to cacophony, authenticity over awe the historic quarter should be your destination also

I've acknowledged my bias, so perhaps take the advice of recent reviewers.

Departures the online magazine for Amex Platinum Cardholders said "as charming as Queenstown without the crowd".

Or Michael C on Trip Advisor reviewer who said "the location allows you to enjoy all the upside of the Queenstown region with none of the downside"

Just 8 minutes drive from the entrance to Coronet Peak Ski Resort or 15-minutes from downtown-Queenstown. For your ski vacation everything you need & some special treats await you at Arrowtown House Boutique Hotel

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