Skydiving in New Zealand

Skydiving in New Zealand has earned itself royal status. Wherever you jump, do it with style and remember, life is short so live F A S T.

Skydiving in New Zealand has rightly so earned itself royal status,  as one of the “must do activities “ for the adventurous whilst on the whistle stop holiday of a lifetime here in Godzone..

New Zealand has clear air, really clear, and this provides jumpers with stunning  100 km + views,  that from 12,000 feet just cannot be easily found in North America or Europe.

The New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority has certified operators to the world’s highest standards,  so whilst enjoying the adrenalin rush of a life time, with "big sky" views,  you can also rest assure you will be “intimately strapped to” an expert  with first class equipment and experience.

When considering where to jump whilst on your trip several factors are important to consider:

1.  Weather:  New Zealand is an isolated Island,  and as such has a marine climate where the weather can and does change quickly.  If the weather is blowing form the West it will be raining on the West Coast or if not,  it will be soon.  If it is clear on the West it can be raining on the East Coast, so more often than not, one side of New Zealand is fine. As long as you have a fast car you are set!.  Remember that the weather can generally improve quickly as well,  so if you are waiting for a jump, be patient and explore the area that you are in,  and luck should have it the skies will clear.

2.  Price:  Significant variations do exist in jump prices and it pays to shop around.  General rule of thumb is the cheaper jumps are offered in the metro areas in the North Island, Taupo and near Christchurch in the South Island.  Prices can vary by over $150 for a 12 000 foot  jump, so really check this  offers the sharpest prices we can ascertain for jumps in NZ and consistently so.

3. Location based on Scenery:  All the drop zones in NZ are stunning.  In the far north you can land on a beach, in Taupo you are looking at the majestic lake and south to the volcanic cone peaks.  In the South Island you can jump on the West Coast whilst looking at the Tasman Sea on one side,  and the huge glaciers on the other.  In Queenstown you are surrounded with peaks and lakes and in Canterbury you jump looking at Mt Cook off one shoulder and the Pacific Ocean off the other.  Just stunning.

Our advice is jump when the weather is good.  The large operations are more costly and the small ones offer a more personal  type feel.