Skydiving might be one of the most incredible experiences of a lifetime, but skydving over Queenstown is better than just Skydiving, come and discover why!

Why Queenstown ? Because, Queenstown, and nothing else !

Just think about it, jumping over a stunning blue lake, surrounded by big snowy mountains, amazing! If you can’t put an image on this feeling, just have a look at our pictures, you will understand that there are only rare places in the World where you can skydive over such an incredible landscape. Skydiving in Wanaka is beautiful, but nothing comparable with Queenstown!

When you want to jump at Queenstown, you will have 3 options, jumping from 9'000 12'000 or 15'000 feets. The difference is the free fall time, from 20 seconds at 9’000 ft to a little bit more than a minute at 15’000 ft. For all these jumps, the procedure is the same, 15 minuts of flying over the Wakatipu lake and Queenstown, a free fall with your tandem, and 5 to 7 minuts of parachute with a million dollar view, before touching the ground again.

The two main advices are to avoid the 9’000 ft jump, too short to enjoy the moment, and to go as high as possible, 15’000 ft is by far the best choice. Of course, jumping from 15'000 is a little bit pricier than jumping from 9'000 fr, but the pleasure is tripled… if you only think about money concerning your skydive, you are going to regret it, because you are going to miss a lot.

What about the prices ? 

When you consider the rental price for kayaks, you can imagine that skydiving is not a cheap activity, pretty much like every single activity nowadays.

If you want to skydive, you will have to pay from 335$ (12'000 ft) to 439$ (15'000 ft), then you will have to pay for the photos/video packages.

There are two main companies in Queenstown that are offering a skydive experience, Nzone and Skydive Paradise. 

As they are only two, they are offering almost the same prices and experiences, excepted for the photo/video packages. When skydive paradise is filming and taking pictures directly from your tandem jumper arm, Nzone is providing you a personal photographer, who is jumping when you are jumping, but who is not attached to you, getting far and up close, giving you much more perspectives, you will then have fabulous memories of your jump, and not only a video of your face when you are jumping.

That’s the reason why we chose Nzone instead of Skydive Paradise, and after jumping and seeing our videos, we are sure that we made the good choice. 

Of course, when you are jumping in the sky, you want to have images and souvenirs of this moment, our advice is to go for the whole video/photos package, you will pay a little bit more than the price of the jump by itself, but it’s definitely worth it ! You don’t want to have regrets once you touch earth again after this incredible adventure.

How was the skydive ?

But how was it right ? All went absolutely perfect, from our arrival at the office to our drop off after the jump. After a safety briefing and an explanation about what was about to happen, we took a little plane, in which we were 15 people (5 clients, 5 professional skydivers, 5 personal photographers). Lucky for us, the weather was sunny and clear, meaning incredible views and pictures.

The feeling when you’re getting in front on the open door and when you see the bright lake far away from you, is one of the best ever. It was our first jump, but more will come, for sure. You’re feeling free, without the fear of bungy jumping, totally different, skydiving is more like flying in paradise, especially at Queenstown.

The photos/video (5 minutes video) package was very clean, with good music and a perfect job from the camera skydiver.

Skydiving in Queenstown was one of our best activities in New Zealand, thanks to luck and of course to Nzone, who made it easy for us to enjoy our experience completely with a perfect organization. Stop worrying about the price, you only live once, you won’t regret it!

Thanks Queenstown, Thanks New Zealand !