Tarawera Falls Track

This track runs between the Waterfall road car park to the spectacular falls where water surges out of fissures in a high cliff face.

Time: 20 min one way

Distance: 700 m

Type: Short Walk


Most waterfalls spurt over the top of a cliff. Tarawera Falls pours straight through the middle. The crystal clear outflow from Lake Tarawera disappears as it runs into deep fissures in the ancient lava rock - and then spurts out of the middle of a tall cliff-face 25km from Kawerau. The Falls are not unusually high – but surrounded by lush bush they are certainly spectacular. Sheer remoteness adds to the sense you’re looking at something a bit special. Tarawera Falls is well off the beaten track, 60km from Whakatane, 20km of that on unsealed roads You need to start the trip with a visit to the information centre at Kawerau, to pick up a permit to visit the Falls ($5 per car). The drive in is pretty bumpy but the Falls walking track itself is great, well formed and wide (wheelchair access) and about 20 minutes’ stroll. The highlight is not only the Falls but a collection of massive boulders, legacy of the Tarawera eruption that destroyed the world famous Pink and White Terraces. Today the rocks are bound to the ground by twisting Pohutukawa and Totara roots. Under many, there’s a small cave: for children, that’s elves and faeries country.


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