The 9 things you have to experience in New Zealand

Whenever I’m asked what New Zealand is like, I struggle to find the most appropriate adjectives. Stunning, amazing and breath-taking all spring to mind.


New Zealand isn’t coined the adventure capital of the world for nothing, and I soon found out why. You’ll find adrenaline sports just everywhere you go and skydiving is considered an average thing to do on a Tuesday afternoon.
If you’re planning a skydive anywhere in the world, then I highly recommend you make it New Zealand. You can enjoy the peace of mind in the knowledge that you’ll be looked after by a tandem master (the professional you skydive with) with a minimum of 20,000+ skydives under his/her belt and the scenery is simply incredible. I did mine at Abel Tasman National Park and it was the best experience of my life.


Deeply nested in the south of the South Island is the Milford Sound, aka the most stunning Fiordland this side of Norway. Carved over millennia by glaciers during the Ice Age, you’ll be awe struck by the colossal mountains that protrude from the black waters of the sound. The best way to experience what Rudyard Kipling named the 8th wonder of the world is on a boat cruise. Not only will you encounter majestic waterfalls cascading over the cliffs faces, but we also had the amazing luck of seeing baby dolphins jumping alongside us and penguins scuttling on the shores.


The adventure capital of the adventure capital; Queenstown is surprisingly small given its huge reputation. Don’t miss out on a Ferg Burger in between your adventures here, they’re the best burgers in the world!


An absolute must-do when you’re in New Zealand and something you have to save some budget for! Just an hour or so drive from Rotorua in the North Island you’ll discover the Waitomo caves and an unforgettable underground rafting and caving experience.


Being a massive Lord Of The Rings fan, just being in New Zealand was exciting enough for me, but visiting the set of Hobbiton and seeing for myself The Shire in real life was a next level experience. I have a renewed appreciation for the films after learning just how much detail went into making each film and the tour guides that take you round have really excellent behind the scenes knowledge.


This legendary Kiwi Experience stop will be one of your New Zealand highlights. Ensure your fancy dress is on hand as you’re in for a wild night of partying at the Mahinapua Hotel! You can also carve your own Jade necklaces here and check out the Mahinapua Lake.


Located just outside Rotorua in the North Island, you can visit a Maori style village and have the opportunity to learn about this incredible culture before enjoying a delicious feast! You’re also treated to an incredible performance of traditional song and dance, including the world-famous Haka.


We decided to make a spontaneous stop in Blenheim to visit the Marlborough Wine region which is easily accessible from this delightful little town. Rent a bike and cycle around the vineyards including the home of Cloudy Bay, and make sure to cycle on the left-hand side of the road!


An unforgettable way of visiting New Zealand is undoubtedly the Kiwi Experience Adventure Bus. You will have the most enriching experience as the knowledgeable driver guides provide insights into the history and culture of each area and region you visit. It’s also a totally stress and hassle free way of travelling this amazing country, so you can literally sit back and enjoy your journey whilst making friends for life!

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