100% Pure New Zealand Story

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The evolution of 100% Pure New Zealand

100% Pure New Zealand brand campaign was launched in 1999, it was developed to communicate a single message about New Zealand.

The 100% Pure New Zealand tells the story of how this country's unique combination of landscapes, people and activities cannot be found anywhere else in the world - it is a "100% Pure New Zealand" visitor experience. Over the years it has been used as 100% pure relaxation, 100% pure welcome, 100% pure adrenalin, 100% pure you,  and most recently 100% Middle‑earth  - all connected back to the core premise of 100% Pure New Zealand..

Maître sculpteur, Wellington

By Tourism New Zealand

Travailler un morceau de Nouvelle-Zélande

Recently the 100% Pure New Zealand brand took on a new look with Pure Pākati, a typeface designed for Tourism New Zealand. Its structure is inspired by the original 100% Pure New Zealand logo, while other parts draw on ideas from Grecian letterforms, wood-block printing and whakairo Māori (Māori carving).  

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