Top tips for your NZ cycling holiday

Top tips for getting the most out of your cycling holiday in New Zealand.

1. It’s all about new experiences  

Every day is a different journey on The Great Rides of New Zealand’s Cycle Trail. Be sure to stop and explore each place you pass whether it is a quaint historical town or hidden beach, there is so much to discover. Being on a bike enables you to get up close and to see things from a different perspective.

West Coast
West Coast Wilderness Trail, West Coast

By Stephen Roberts

Cycling through rainforest on the West Coast Wilderness Trail

2. Get to know the friendly locals

Striking up a conversation with a local is never a bore! New Zealanders are famed for being friendly and welcoming so take advantage of local knowledge – you’ll learn something new every day.

Christchurch - Canterbury
Lake Ohau Lodge, Christchurch - Canterbury

By Camilla Rutherford

Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail

3. Take a fully charged phone with you

Another tip I would say is to always make sure phone is fully charged before heading out. The scenery is spectacular and you want to be able take lots of photos. Besides a phone can be extremely handy in case you run into trouble, or if there is an emergency.

Central Otago
Poolburn Gorge, Central Otago

By Tourism New Zealand

Poolburn Gorge, Otago Central Rail Trail

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