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Exotic animals - Llamas and Gotland Pelt sheep.Talk to the Animals, then view the shop which sells fleeces for spinning; also knitting yarn hand knitted and handwoven garments, and accessories.


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I established my business in 1989, with the purchase of my first three Llamas. As a spinner and weaver, my interest has always been using the Llama fleece as a medium for these crafts. I also have Llama fibre and Gotland wool for sale, in a variety of colours.
Many of the Gotland fleeces are sent overseas, where they have proved very popular.

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The knitting yarn is manufactured from the animals' fleeces. Llama yarns are available in cream, brown, black and Guanaco (tan). The Gotland yarn comes in a medium grey, which is also overdyed in "Peacock" blue, "Buddliea" a reddish purple and "Cherry, a dark red. Handspun yarn is also available.


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Thickthorne Llamas, 63 Waikawa Valley Road, Waikawa Valley, 1 R.D. Tokanui, Tokanui, Tokanui, Southland, New Zealand.

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Tous les mois de l'année

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Adulte $10.00
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Cover charge of $10 (per carload) for visitors, unless a purchase is made.

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