A place of valleys and vines

Marlborough has been producing memorable wines since early pioneers recognised something special in the land and planted the first vineyards more than 140 years ago. Their intuition has seen this region achieve world-renown for producing Sauvignon Blanc wines imbued with intense qualities that simply can't be found anywhere else in the world.

Local Maori named the Wairau Valley “Kei puta te Wairau” or the place with the hole in the cloud. The vibrancy of flavour and aroma that distinguishes Marlborough's grapes is the result of a unique combination of soils, crisp nights and sun-kissed days across the region's vine-filled valleys, producing wines of unmatched intensity and aroma.

crisp nights sun-kissed days

Cycling, Marlborough

I believe that to be sustainable you need to put more back in than you take out... One has to learn to work with the land and with the environment, if you can get in sync with that things generally are easier.

But it is not enough to simply have the right climate and soil. Marlborough's winemakers possess a rare attention to detail, patience, and a will to work with nature's rhythms to bring out the hidden potential of the land and grapes. The result is sustainable vineyards nestled within a sumptuous landscape, producing wine that will stay on your palate for an afternoon and remain in your memories for years to come – as will the landscape and the people you meet, as you discover their passion and place.

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