A lake in New Zealand can be a destination in itself or a moment of tranquility on the way to somewhere else.

Many of the North Island’s lakes are the result of ancient volcanic eruptions. The biggest of these crater lakes is Taupo - it’s the size of small country and one of our top trout fishing destinations. You can also catch trout in many of Rotorua’s crater lakes.

Dune lakes are an interesting phenomenon. At Kai Iwi in Northland there are three beautiful dune lakes fringed with pure white sand. Near Levin on the west coast of the North Island, the dune lake Papaitonga is edged with wetlands that are great for bird watching.

Most of the South Island’s lakes were born from the same kind of glacial action that created the fiords. Lake Te Anau is the largest, covering an area of 344 square kilometres. Lake Manapouri is often regarded as the most beautiful - it has 34 islands and is 440 metres deep in places.

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