6 Free Top Spots in Glenorchy!

Looking for free things to do in Glenorchy? Here's our list of must do's in Glenorchy, a charming and historic town near Queenstown.


  1. Glenorchy Library: Possibly the smallest, cutest library in the world, you'll find this tiny gem on Islay Street. Most people love to photograph it from outside, by chance you may be visiting when it's open on Wednesdays 1.30 - 3.30 and Fridays 5 - 7pm.
  2. Glenorchy Museum: Housed in a building next to the library. The local community who are passionate about their history have a collection of early photographs and historical artifacts.  Step back in time with stories from the past. For access to the museum you'll need to make contact with one of the curators before you go and they will happily open the doors for you. Call Elaine: +64 3 442 9952 for a viewing. (Donations are gratefully accepted as they're currently working on a new site to house their treasures).
  3. Glenorchy Church: Within the Glenorchy Village there is a quaint wooden church, it is special because there is no denomination attached to it.  Idyllic spot for expressing your faith.
  4. Glenorchy Wharf & Historic Railway Shed: The lady of the lake "The Earnslaw" use to be a reliant source for feight and livestock between Queenstown & Glenorchy prior to the road been opened between in the early 1960's. The gorgeous and iconic railway shed beside the wharf is well worth taking a peep inside for historical tidbits & photographs on its walls. Have a wander down the wharf or enjoy a picnic or fish by the lake.
  5. Glenorchy Lagoon: Film-maker Peter Jackson famously used this site to portray "The Dead Marshes" in his Lord of The Rings trilogy. This is a easy walk beginning near the lake; just follow the boardwalk that passes through the wetlands, giving you opportunities to photograph black swans & ducks & the surrounding mountain ranges looming above you.
  6. Glenorchy Racecourse/Golf course: The golf course is found in the heart of the township and also used as the rugby grounds and famously in New Zealand once a year as a racecourse for the famous Glenorchy Races (1st weekend in January). This fun-loving event sees Glenorchy flooded with up to 5000 visitors, most of them from Queenstown and surrounding districts.

At Pure Glenorchy Tours we help you discover more of Glenorchy's hot spots, hitory and filming sites including The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings. Give us a call, we'd love to show you around.

*Glenorchy is a 45 minute drive from Queenstown, New Zealand.