A guide to campervans in New Zealand

Find out about the different types of campervans available for hire in New Zealand

There are many types of campervan available for hire in New Zealand, from small two-person car campers to large 6 person campervans.

Below is a simple break down of each category to help you understand what the jargon means.

4 and 6 Berth campervans:

Large vehicles sleeping either 4 or 6 people that provide plenty of space, an internal dining area and are generally self-contained (include toilet and shower).

Traditionally the most expensive hire option, you can expect to be able to stand up inside these campervans.  This size also means they are big vehicles to drive, park and fill with fuel.

Large Campervans:

These are an up-sized version of a traditional van. Often wider and much longer, they are also called ‘2 + 1’ or  ‘2 + 2’ campervans.

Most include a toilet and shower (also self-contained) and benefit from easier handling than larger 4 or 6 berth motorhomes.

Standard Size Campervans:

Ideal for 2 people as any more can be quite a squeeze. These vans will typically include a food preparation area but the sleeping area doubles as the living room, with a stowable bed.

You can stoop inside one of these but not stand upright. These vans are generally not self-contained (no toilet or shower).

CamperCars or SleeperVans:

These are large cars that have been converted into campervans. Easy driving, but with very limited space they often feature ingenious design to fit all of the accessories inside. These are traditionally the cheapest option.

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