Maitai Valley Caves Walk

Beautiful walk with a range of streams and forests, ending at the Maitai Caves

The Caves walk is one of my favorites, while it is a walking track you can also mountain bike most of it so take care when out there.

It is a fairly easy/medium walk and there are a couple of stream crossings to be prepared to get your feet wet while out there. You also need to make sure that you follow the signs for the caves walk and don’t take any of the Dun Mountain walk turn offs.

It starts up the end of the Maitai Valley and there is plenty of parking there for everyone and approximately a 12 kilometer drive from Nelson City. From here you walk along a 4wd track for about 15 minutes and then to the left through your first stream crossing, if you are really good at rock hopping and the water is low you might get away with not having to take your shoes off. It then follows along a smaller track taking you in and out of the forest the rest of the way. The other small stream crossing is at about the half way point.

The track is very well marked and takes you through winding hillsides with beautiful forests, 4wd tracks and a bit of climbing over tree roots here and there.

Once you have finished the short climb to the cave mouth there is a small area that is perfect for a lunch stop. You can venture into the caves if you like, just make sure you have a torch, sturdy footwear and someone to go with. Not somewhere to venture into on your own. Its very slippery in there. The track is about 3 hours return, enjoy.