New Zealand's Best Jet Boating Rivers

Learn about some of New Zealand's best and most popular jet boating rivers.

It’s the landscape, the native bush and the great New Zealand outdoors that keeps tourists coming back to the country. Sure, there’s plenty to look at, but what’s the point of a visit without getting amongst it and enjoying it?!

A fantastic network of rivers throughout the country means fishing, kayaking and some even more thrilling activities like whitewater rafting and jet boating are absolute musts. Pay a visit to a few of these famous rivers and experience the thrill of a lifetime jet boating in New Zealand. Speed and rip your way through the water while surrounded by stunning Kiwi landscape - it’s an adventure tour like no other.

Make sure you check out a few of these famous rivers for the best adventure tourism opportunities in the country.

Shotover River

Queenstown’s reputation as the ‘Adventure Capital of the World’ sets it apart from anywhere else in New Zealand in terms of popularity - and for good reason! Shotover River is home to one of the best-known jet boating rides in the country. You’ll fly through narrow canyons, impressive and rugged walls looming high above you, holding on through 360 degree spins and reaching speeds faster than you’ve ever been on the water. The award winning Shotover River jet boating rides are iconic in the South Island city and have been operating since 1970.

Waiau Gorge

A visit to Waiau Gorge, just an hour from Christchurch in the South Island, and its jet boating tours is not something that you will want to miss. Experience high speed thrills with the gorge towering above you. With a stunning landscape and plenty of time to take in the view, it’s not just about going fast - a jet boat trip through the Waiau Gorge offers a mixture of eco-tourism and an incredible thrill ride that makes for an ideal adventure tour.

Huka Falls

Huka Falls is one of the most exciting jet boating destinations in the North Island. You’ll speed along the Waikato River, heading towards the Huka Falls themselves. Its raging waters draw plenty of attention from tourists, but there’s no other way to get amongst them and see them up close than on a jet boating tour.

Dart River

As much an opportunity for a wilderness safari as it is for a thrill ride, the Dart River is surrounded by thick, lush native bush and the alpine peaks of the Queenstown region. Head through the river’s channels performing high speed manoeuvres with a great view.

Get the best views, immerse yourself amongst the scenery, get wet and have fun during your stay in New Zealand. Check out the country’s top jet boating tours on some of its most popular rivers and see Aotearoa like it was meant to be seen: with your heart in your throat and a grin on your face.

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