Paddleboarding to Raglan's pancake rocks

The most interactive way to get up and close to the 'pancake rocks' of Raglan.

Raglan is known as a beautiful laid-back surfing village, with its famous surfing breaks and its attractive tree lined high street offering interesting collection of shops, art and craft galleries and many cafes, you may just miss out on the beauty of the pancake rocks.

One way to see these is to take a guided tour across the inner harbour on paddle boards to see the amazing thousand years old layers of rock formation which are known as pancake rocks, whilst at the same time getting a fantastic all over body workout and best of all this will be eco-friendly - (as you're the motor)

So providing you with a different perspective of Raglan and note forgetting to check out all the local wildlife from above the water looking down at the abundance of sea-life and if you're lucky you may even see orcas.

To look back towards Raglan Town from across the harbour is simply magical too.

So next time you're visiting Raglan be sure to add this to your things to do list.

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