Scenic Highlights of Rotorua

Feast your eyes on the natural beauty of Rotorua

Rotorua is so rich in culture and history that it is often easy to overlook the exquisite scenery in its surrounds.  However, it would be a shame to miss out on the amazing scenic highlights of this geothermal wonderland.  Come to Rotorua and treat your eyes to the stunning views that live up to New Zealand’s reputation for providing some of the greatest sights on earth.

Just outside of the CBD is your first opportunity to take in the scenery at Rotorua’s Sulphur Point walkway.  Beginning just behind the Rotorua Museum, the well-marked boardwalk path passes through a geothermal field replete with steam vents and bubbling mud.  Head through to Motutara Point (Sulphur Bay) for a truly epic view of Rotorua’s geothermal landscape.

Continuing the theme of water-side wonders, check out Rotorua’s neighbouring lake, Lake Okareka.  Lake Okareka is tucked away in a scenic valley with a small village on one side and unadulterated native bush on the other.  Travel along the Okareka shoreline, and soak up the view and isolated beauty.

For more natural sights combined by a bit of local legend, check out the viewpoint between Rotorua’s iconic green and blue lakes, situated just down the road from Lake Okareka.  Lake Rotokakahi and Lake Tikitapu are both steeped in Maori history; learn more about this sacred space as you gaze out on the double panoramic view and natural landscape.

Cap your scenic wanders with a breath-taking Lake Tarawera sightseeing tour.  Stand in awe of the vastness of the lake and cloak yourself in the colourful history – both human and geological – of the surrounding area.  Lake Tarawera offers a bit of everything, from volcanic domes and native forest to Tarawera’s Buried Village and traditional Maori carvings.

From crystal-clear waters to explosive geysers and scenery steeped in history, Rotorua offers up exquisite views in the heart of New Zealand’s North Island.  Feast your eyes on this beautiful landscape and take in the wonder of this stunning place.  If you want to take in all this scenery in one fell swoop, book with Rotorua Duck Tours for a tour of these iconic Rotorua lakes and much more.

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