Te Henga Walkway, Wild West Coast, Auckland

The Te Henga Walkway is a well maintained section of the Hilary Trail managed by the Department of Conservation on Auckland's Wild West Coast.

The Te Henga Walkway is one of the most spectacular day walks in the Auckland Region - given it's only 45 mins drive from the CBD of New Zealand's largest city, it has an incredibly remote feel to it. Even on "busy" weekends, you're likely to only see a few other people.

We walked this track for the second time recently and were impressed with the work the Department of Conservation (DoC) have done since we were here 2 years ago - new staircases have been built and portions of the trail have been "reinforced".

That said, this trail isn't for the unfit or unprepared - DoC have graded this walk "easy grade", but we find many international visitors and inexperienced locals are very unprepared for what lies ahead.

You must take all your own provisions - including plenty of food and water - as there are no shops or sellers on route.

It's also wise to carry a backpack containing a first aid kit, waterproof jacket, mobile phone (although it's important to note that coverage on this track is patchy) and lots of warm clothing, even in summer.

Get in touch with us today if you'd like to experience this walk - it's truly rewarding, but you really need to go with the right gear and fitness level to enjoy it!

Have fun out there!

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