Today’s dining reflects 100 years of my family’s experience at hosting visitors to Bethells Beach.

Bethells Beach Cottages – “Natural luxury for humans being”

I enjoy supporting menus that allow our chef to be creative. 

Themed events and dining extravagances, wood fired pizzas using our homemade wholemeal bases, tea tree smoked salmon smoked fresh on the day, home baking and alfresco dining.

24 years of flexibility, understanding and a passion for our industry allows us freedom to present the unusual.

Bethells Beach Cottages – “Natural luxury for humans being” -  is ensconced in a region with generations of world class wine makers, organic vegetable and meat producers.  Our own vegetable garden is full of organic home grown herbs and greens for the day’s menu.

Our visitors experience wine tours, heli picnics and fishing, surf casting, dining extravagance, celebrations and foodie retreats in this sublime west coast location overlooking the black iron sands and the Tasman sea.

Our local region’s food and wine experiences are a short drive away and Auckland city is 40 minutes drive away from the coast.  Auckland hosts a mirage of choice to suit all occasions and palates.

Life is surely a celebration of the feasts we request before us at the dining table.

Masterchef highlights the enthusiasm and life changing experiences for the chefs .

A masterpiece in today’s television viewing.


Trude Bethell-Paice