Why We Love Hobbiton

Have you wondered how it would feel to walk in Bilbo's footsteps, strolling into quaint hobbit holes or enjoying a hearty malt ale at the Green Dragon?

Then get yourself on board the Kiwi Experience bus to Hobbiton!

Want to experience the real Middle Earth? Then this is it. Did you know the 12-acre Hobbiton site is still a working sheep farm? No gimmicky film-set here! The tranquil and genuinly true-to-the-book Hobbiton makes it irresistible to drift into your own fantasy world. We’ve experienced Hobbiton more than a few times now, so here’s our favourite things about this enchanting slice of Middle Earth.

Remarkable attention to detail

Once you enter the land of Hobbit Holes, you’ll soon forget you’re on a film set. The attention to detail is simply remarkable. Peter Jackson and co. went the extra mile to ensure even the tiniest detail in Hobbiton matches J. R. Tolkien’s wondrous imagination.


Lord Of The Rings knowledge not essential!

Are you a massive Lord Of The Rings fan but yet to see the movies? Don’t worry, apparently a third of visitors are in the same boat! Hobbiton is so detailed that even those with absolutely no film-knowledge will still love the experience.


Lord of the Photo Opportunities

The classic Hobbit Hole photo. Many would state Hobbiton is a worth-while visit just to get this iconic photo. Choose from 37 Hobbit Holes. Bonus points if you do it with the knees-in-your-shoes trick, rendering the lankiest amongst us into Hobbit-like proportions.


Triple your Hobbiton knowledge

Enjoy the knowledgeable tour guides as they transform this already magical place to life. The Hobbiton team have fun behind-the-scenes Hobbiton and LOTR knowledge that you’ll be treated to  during your tour.


Green Dragon Inn

A cold beverage at the rustic Green Dragon Inn is the perfect way to end your Hobbiton tour. Enjoy a complimentary drink on the house, the Amber Ale never disappoints, and the crisp ginger beer hits the spot every time, specially brewed by Southfarthing. They also crafted a 1% ale especially for the films to ensure there weren't any Hobbits running around over the limit!

Get yourself that much closer to Middle Earth and book one of our Kiwi Experience Hobbiton tours.

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