ZORB Rotorua

Rolling down a hill in a ball filled with water is definitely fun.

My next stop was Zorb. You could easily go there by bus as well. Before you go there make sure you have your swimsuit with you, so you can decide on site if you want to do the wet or the dry ride.

The first thing you have to do is to complete a completed the ZORB Safety Training And Ride Terms (S.T.A.R.T), for which you will get your certificate printed afterwards, or you can decide to get it send via email. After finishing this, it is time to get dressed. Put on your swimsuit or just take of your shoes for the dry ride and nothing can stop you from rolling down one of the three tracks, anymore. A jeep takes you up the hill where you have a nice view over the tracks you will roll down any minute. They don’t really look steep or dangerous but as soon as you are in one of the Zorb balls you feel different. To get in there you have to go back few steps, run and then take a header ball through tiny whole. The landing is wet and soft since the ball is filled with air and they put water in there before they let you jump in. The next thing that happens is that the only exit out of the ball is closed and you are told to sit back and relax. A few seconds later you have already forgotten about that and lost the feeling of up and down. You are sliding and screaming, water everywhere, even if it seemed to be such a little amount when you were still on top of the hill. There are three different tracks on which you can enjoy the bumpy ride. As soon as you arrive at the bottom, the staff opens the door, take a picture of you and tell you to come on out, feet first. Some more pictures of you in front of your ball and then it is carried back up.

If you decide for the dry ride, you are secured in the ball, so you are turning with him, being upside down half of the trip. Even if it seems like it that doesn’t happen when you are in one of the wet rides. Your body always slides to the side of the ball that is closest to the ground.

No matter what kind of ride you choose to do, I can definitely say you will have fun either way.