Terms & Conditions

for the Tourism Business Database

Intention of this Policy

A key function of www.newzealand.com (this ‘site’) is the ability to connect potential overseas visitors to New Zealand and domestic travellers directly with information about New Zealand as a destination and to facilities that enable them purchase services and quality products.

The intention of this policy to enable all legitimate New Zealand based tourism operators, and key offshore partners who promote and sell travel to New Zealand, to be featured on this site in one or more listings (each a ‘Listing’). Each product Listing under the New Zealand Based Operator business type must be for a legitimate bookable tourism product.

Businesses listed within this site are referred to as ‘partners’ in these terms and conditions.

Partners do need to have a current web presence via another website domain in order to register on this site.

How registration information will be used

The information collected during registration of any Listing on this site may be used by Tourism New Zealand in the following ways:

  • To construct a unique Tourism New Zealand entry for each approved Listing, in accordance with the design and structure of owned digital channels.
  • To register administrative contact details for each listing, as the basis for future communications between Tourism New Zealand and the partner.
  • As part of the web services provided by Tourism New Zealand to partners such as Regional Tourism Organisations, for the purposes of including the Listing information on websites or applications they manage.

Tourism New Zealand will not disclose, sell or rent the information provided by partners for Listings in part or in full, other than for the purposes listed above, without the prior permission of the partner.

By providing Listing information to Tourism New Zealand, the partner agrees to any such information being shared with third party websites and any other digital media or applications for publication. However, Tourism New Zealand does not guarantee that the Listing information published will be posted on third party websites.

Tourism New Zealand takes no responsibility for any material published on other websites. If a partner no longer wishes its Listing details to be published on other websites, Tourism New Zealand will request that the operator of the third party website removes the Listing information when the website is next updated.

Requirements for registration

The partner must operate a legal and reputable tourism operation and needs to meet its obligations under the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015.

Please note that newzealand.com does not list the following businesses:

  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Bars
  • Food stores
  • Any other business that is not a reputable tourism operation

The partner must be contactable by either telephone or email.

Each partner must nominate an administrator for each listing and keep Tourism New Zealand advised of current email and telephone contact details for the administrator. Tourism New Zealand must be able to contact the nominated listing administrator by email and telephone when updates to the Listing are required and therefore administrators must have an email address that is checked no less frequently than every 24 hours and a contact phone number that is answered regularly. Phone numbers that are placed on continual divert to an answer phone or message service are not acceptable.

All listing registrations must meet the minimum requirements for Listings as advised by Tourism New Zealand from time to time. Mandatory fields will be indicated in the Tourism Business Database throughout the registration process.

Registration approval and maintenance process

When a partner first registers a listing on this site, Tourism New Zealand intends to undertake a simple approval, validation, and vetting procedure to ensure that the information for the Listing has been properly entered (e.g. there are no obvious data input or categorisation errors) and that the Listing is relevant and appropriate for this site based on Tourism New Zealand’s then-current policies.

All decisions relating to Listings on this site are at the absolute discretion of Tourism New Zealand.

Tourism New Zealand intends to undertake periodic reviews of Listings. Tourism New Zealand may change a Listing's category if Tourism New Zealand considers that the current category is not appropriate or relevant.

While Tourism New Zealand intends to monitor content and conduct reviews of Listings, Tourism New Zealand takes no responsibility for the accuracy of information that is provided by partners. Partners are responsible for ensuring that all information provided by the partner is accurate, up-to-date, and not misleading and does not infringe the rights of any third party.

Partners are required to access and update their Listings as necessary to keep them current and up-to-date. Partners must log in to and access their listing(s) no less frequently than once a year to keep each Listing active. Tourism New Zealand may remove Listings that have not been accessed by the Listing administrator for longer than one year. Tourism New Zealand will endeavour to contact the administrator prior to removing a Listing.

Tourism New Zealand may remove any Listing at its absolute discretion, including if:

  • The partner is no longer operating the tourism business as described in the Listing. In this event Tourism New Zealand will endeavour to contact the partner prior to removing the Listing; or
  • Tourism New Zealand considers the partner to be sub-standard or unprofessional in their operation; or
  • Tourism New Zealand receives a consumer complaint with regards to the partner's conduct; or
  • Tourism New Zealand may remove any partner from the site if any of that partner’s Listings are inconsistent with the delivery of a quality experience to international visitors.

Tourism New Zealand retains the right to determine the definition of ‘sub-standard’ or ‘unprofessional practices’. These definitions include non-response to complaints received from international visitors and forwarded by Tourism New Zealand, the use of profanity in communications, and illegal business practices.

Registering a Business Type

Partners must choose the ‘Business & Listing Type’ that best describes their business (from the list of categories available on this site from time to time).

New Zealand Based Operators

 The ‘New Zealand Based Operators’ business type applies to all operators who are based in New Zealand but excludes ‘Online Information Services’ who should select either the business type ‘Visitor Information Services’ or ‘Travel Sellers’.


The accommodation business must be located in New Zealand.

'Accommodation' operators may list in one accommodation category only for each separate, unique accommodation offer. To list in this category you must be the owner/manager or have exclusive renting or lease rights for the property.

If you have two separate types of accommodation, they must be registered as two different businesses with two different business/property names and tariffs.

Accommodation listings describe short stay accommodation of property for visitors to New Zealand. Your listing should promote your accommodation features and facilities to encourage potential visitors to book a stay with you.

 Listing examples:

  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Backpackers
  • Holiday park with tents, cabins, and motel apartments available

Activity and Tours

‘Activity and Tour’ listings are promoted to tourists looking to explore and experience a wide range of activities and tours that New Zealand has to offer. These include: adventure activities on land, air, or water; New Zealand arts, culture and heritage; sports and education; and nature and wildlife experiences.

Activity and Tour listings can range from short, part day activities, through to multi-day guided tours visiting numerous locations, providing meals and transport.

As some experiences may include several activities, you can now add multiple activity categories to your listing. This will more accurately reflect your offering to visitors.

 Listing examples:

  • A day tour of wineries with a round of golf at the end
  • Cultural arts and crafts venue
  • Whale watching boat cruise


‘Transport’ listings provide visitors to New Zealand with information on options for getting around. These include hiring a vehicle or scheduled, regular, and timetabled services available to the public.

If you operate a ‘hop-on hop-off’ service you can choose to be listed as an option for planning transport from place to place (as opposed to a guided tour.)

You should make sure your listing includes information on any activities or scenic stop-offs in your schedule so visitors know what to expect from your service.

‘Transport’ listing examples:

  • Renting a campervan
  • Booking a scenic bus from Auckland to Wellington


Visitor Information Service

 Visitor Information Centre

‘Visitor Information Centre’ listings are designed so visitors to New Zealand can plan where on their travels they can locate an information or i-SITE centre. Therefore you need to operate your visitor information centre from a physical location that is accessible to your customers during business hours.

A visitor information centre must offer on-the-ground visitor information services to the general public. If you are an ‘i-SITE’ Visitor Information Centre your listing may be identified with the official Visitor Information Network brand: 'i-SITE'.

Please note that information centres that belong to the ‘i-SITE’ network will be placed at the top of the Visitor Information Centre listings on this site, in a random order. Other visitor information centres will follow those listings, in a random order.

Travel Seller

Travel Agents & Airlines

‘Travel Agent’ listings provide visitors with access to travel agents who support New Zealand as a tourism destination. You can list under the ‘Travel Agent’ business type regardless of whether you are based in New Zealand or offshore. If any of your staff are certified ‘Kiwi Specialist’ travel agents, that ensure you indicate this in your listing. Airlines that have routes to and from New Zealand can also create a ‘Travel Agent’ listing.

Requirements for listing a New Zealand based accommodation businesses

General requirements and conditions:

The accommodation business must be located and operated in New Zealand.

To list in this category you must be the owner/manager or have exclusive renting or lease rights for the property.

Accommodation operators who provide activities over and above accommodation may only register these activities if they are made available to the general public, and are not offered solely to guests at their accommodation.

You may choose to add your listing to multiple accommodation categories outlined below. However, the range of categories available on the site is determined at the absolute discretion of Tourism New Zealand.


The ‘Backpackers’ category includes budget 'shared' accommodation in a hostel, lodge, or 'hotel' where the emphasis of the accommodation is on the active travelling experience and facilitating cultural and social interaction for like-minded guests.

Accommodation providers in the ‘Backpackers’ category typically offer a mixture of dormitories, double, twin and single rooms. Some rooms may include linen or otherwise this can be hired. Some rooms may also have TVs, fridges, tea/coffee and storage facilities.

Facilities such as kitchens, bathrooms, lounges and laundries are usually shared, although private and ensuite bathrooms are sometimes available.

Properties range from small converted houses to larger purpose built or refurbished hotel-like establishments.

Farmstays & Homestays

These property types normally emphasis on the personal interaction between the guest and the host.

Kitchen/cooking facilities are not usually provided, although some properties may also offer self-contained cottages.

Depending on the style of the property, bedrooms may include tea and coffee making facilities, TV and a phone.

Lounge facilities are usually shared with the hosts and/or other guests. Bathrooms are usually ensuite, but may also be private or shared.

Homestay: Emphasis is on the experience and sharing facilities with the host. Breakfast and evening meals shared with the host. The tariff will typically include breakfast and evening meal.

Farmstay: Emphasis is on the farm experience and must be situated on a working farm. Facilities may be shared or separate. Breakfast and evening meals included in tariff.

Bed and Breakfast

Generally shared residential establishments that offer accommodation with breakfast included, and hosted guest services. The accommodation may offer meals but these will typically not be included in the nightly tariff. Guests will also have separate facilities to the hosts.

Holiday Park

The ‘Holiday Park’ category includes camping grounds and motor camps usually with built or fixed accommodation such as cabins and tourist flats. All properties should provide communal kitchens, toilets, showers and laundries as well as a variety of additional on-site facilities and services. Powered and non-powered sites are provided for tents and campervans. Guests use communal facilities. Some parks also offer ensuite sites with water, drainage and private facilities and on-site caravans which may have cooking facilities.

Boutique & Lodge

A diverse range of accommodation that encompasses historic estates, vineyard cottages or boutique guest houses. Typically providing unique facilities, location, service and guest experiences.

This is delivered by outstanding and knowledgeable hosts. Breakfast is usually included in the tariff.


The Motel category includes motels, motor lodges, motor inns, & motel apartments.

A studio has one room for both living and sleeping.  Other units may have one or more separate bedrooms. All units include a private or ensuite bathroom.  Units are serviced daily or as otherwise agreed with the guest, and are self-contained providing at least tea and coffee-making facilities... Milk, tea, coffee and sugar are supplied for guests' immediate use. Frequently, cooking facilities (microwave and/or range) are provided within the accommodation unit so guests can prepare their own meals independently.  At extra cost, breakfasts can usually be ordered the night before.

Off-street car parking and all bedding and linen are provided.  Communal laundry facilities are available and some units may have their own laundry facilities.  There is a responsible person constantly in charge on site.


The Apartment category includes holiday apartments, business apartments and long stay apartments.

Apartments are generally not serviced daily unless by arrangement.  They are fully self-contained and enable a guest the ability to host visitors and provide full meal preparation.  Apartments are generally larger in size than standard hotel or motel rooms, and have designated kitchens, dining and lounge areas.

Apartment bedrooms are generally separate from the living areas and where there are two or more bedrooms, private or ensuite bathrooms are provided.  All apartments have their own laundry facilities. A studio apartment has one room for both living and sleeping and may have its own laundry facilities. 

All bedding and linen are provided.  At extra cost, breakfasts can usually be ordered the night before.

Parking options are available and may be at an additional cost. There is a responsible person constantly in charge on site.


The Hotel category includes properties with at least one licensed bar and restaurant on the premises or adjacent with charge-back facilities. There is on-site management at all times.

All rooms have tea and coffee-making facilities and breakfast is available whether in a restaurant or breakfast room or via room service.

Some hotels have conference and banqueting facilities.

A standard or studio room usually has one room for both sleeping and living, with an ensuite bathroom. A suite will usually have a living room and at least one separate bedroom, and possibly a mini kitchen. Hotel apartments usually have both mini kitchens and laundry facilities.

Holiday Homes

Homes are for single party bookings only. They are self-contained, providing fully equipped kitchens, laundry facilities and may offer a range of added facilities such as TV, stereo, BBQ etc.

Holiday Homes offer a variety of servicing options which are explained at the time of booking. Servicing may be daily, every two to three days or weekly. More frequent servicing is usually available and may incur additional costs.

Luxury Lodge

New Zealand’s Luxury Lodges offer fine accommodation and excellent cuisine in comfortable surroundings with the famed kiwi hospitality. Most offer specialist activities such as personalised fishing or wine tours, golfing or wilderness adventures, or spa facilities for guests only. Lodges may be purpose built or may utilise large older homes appropriately converted and refurbished. With up to just 20 rooms, many are in more remote waterfront, lakefront, rural or alpine locations. The tariff includes breakfast and dinner and may include pre-dinner drinks.

The independent third party accreditation provider and quality rating system must be recognised and approved by Tourism New Zealand. Such recognition and approval may be provided on the basis of meeting the following criteria:

  • An ability to operate independently and assess impartially;
  • A means of ensuring consistency of assessment results across the country and within sectors, for example, consistency checked exercises, structured assessor training programmes and documented knowledge based about each system;
  • An assessment methodology based on or held up as best practice; and
  • An assessment system which assesses against agreed industry standards e.g. Qualmark®.
  • Qualmark and TIA Award Logos

Tourism New Zealand recognises Qualmark as an approved quality rating system. Operators that are Qualmark® endorsed or accredited under an approved quality rating system will be placed at the top of each category in a random order within each grade. Listings that are not endorsed by an approved third party quality assurance programme will follow in random order within the category they are listed.

Qualmark® graded or quality endorsed operators may have the appropriate Qualmark logo attached to their listing.

Tourism Industry Association (TIA) Awards may be attached to listings for a period of no more than two years after the date of the award. Tourism New Zealand reserves the right to remove non-current logos or awards from operator listings.