Magic autumn moment in Marlborough

Travelling in Autumn: the best of Marlborough?

Autumn is outstanding in the Marlborough Sounds.  I’m currently sitting in Reception drinking my afternoon coffee and it’s utterly perfect.  The sky is an intense blue, there is not a breath of wind and the water is mirror-calm.  I can see holiday-makers on the beach, there are a few people lingering over lunch outside the cafe, everyone is looking relaxed and I can’t manage even an ounce of resentment that I am at work. 

Summer is our busiest time for visitors to New Zealand, but those who come to Marlborough in Autumn get the best deal, I think.  The weather is warm and reasonably settled, with daily average highs around 19c, but still cool enough at night that the fires in the cafe are warm and welcoming. The water is calm and it's much quieter that summer. It's like the natural beauty around you becomes part of you, and it's impossible not to feel changed by it, more peaceful somehow.  More pragmatically, it’s cheaper too! 

Autumn is a brilliant time to walk the Queen Charlotte Track or do some kayaking – the heat of summer has dissipated so walking is really comfortable.  It’s never crowded on the track, but in autumn you can feel like you have the whole world to yourself.  This contrasts nicely with the buzzy vibe in inland Marlborough at this time of year as the grape harvest kicks off for our famous Sauvignon Blanc vintage.

All in all, a pretty good place to work, – and a pretty amazing time to visit.  Now, back to work for me.  Come visit us soon! 

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