Getting to Milford Sound: car versus coach

Milford Sound. Is it better to take a coach trip or to drive to Milford Sound yourself?

Reasons for not driving yourself to Milford Sound….

Danger, danger! 

The Milford Road is quite treacherous in Spring, Autumn and Winter, actually anytime of year.  Coupled with avalanche risk, black ice and windy steep roads it can be quite dangerous. All registered tour drivers have a very special Milford Road accreditation!

So what if the road closes? 

Well guess what, the company is in constant contact with the NZ Transit Agency, so if the road closes they will know at once.  It’ll save you getting to Te Anau and having to turn around.

But is snowy all right sometimes? 

Of course.  And beautiful.  Absolutely stunning from Queenstown to Milford.  Leave the driving to the experts and you can stare out the window all day at the magical landscape.

What will you see? 

Good question.  Lots of stuff.  But if you drive yourself, NONE of it will make sense.  You will just be staring at stuff.  With a full commentary the experienced and informative drivers will tell you all about the history, the wildlife, the fungi and fauna, and probs crack a few funnies on the way to entertain you.

So once again, what will you see? 

Lots of stuff.  Lots and lots.  And there is some real cool places to pull over and see stuff too.  But who will know where to pull in?  That’s right, the drivers!  Cool!

But y’know, you’ll  want a cruise when you get there...  

Won’t you be late with all those stops and stuff?  Not at all.  Perfect timing.  The tour company Kiwi Discovery pulls up at the Milford Terminal and gets you on an awesome 2 hour nature cruise!  One of the very few nature cruises in Milford!

But you can book a cruise yourself, right? 

Of course.  But read the above.  You could book a cruise for 1pm, you’d have to check in at 12:30.  You  make lots of stops on the way and find yourself having to power through the last part of the road missing EVERYTHING!  

If you don’t book a cruise in advance, what happens if you get there and there ain’t a cruise leaving for ages?  You  wait.  Or the cruises are fully booked?  You'll have to come back another day.

It’s gonna be cheaper though right? 

Think again bro.  It’s like, a billion dollars or something for a cruise (well, upwards from $70ish).  And you’re driving a squillion k’s (well, about 500ish).  How much is a tank of fuel?  Bucketloads!

So if you can think of any more reasons, let us know, but for now the Milford Road is stunning.  It’s not just a long coach ride for a 2 hour cruise, it’s a scenic journey into stunning Fiordland.  Let us do the driving so we can introduce it all to you.

Kiwi Discovery have been in operation for 25 years so choose them when considering a trip to Milford