See Kea close up at Arthur's Pass

See the Kea close up at Arthurs Pass on our Christchurch tours including TranzAlpine train and Guided Walk

Always one of the highlights on our tours from Christchurch is seeing the New Zealand native parrot, the Kea.

After arriving into Arthurs Pass on the TranzAlpine, our first stop on the tour is the Otira lookout where most days we see the Kea. Always very amusing to watch, the Kea are very entertaining. I have been coming to Arthurs Pass on day tours fromChristchurch for over 5 years now and I never get sick of watching the Kea. We are oftenable to get close, very very close sometimes!

Check the our latest blog post for a couple of photos of the Kea at Arthurs Pass on our tour this week.

The Kea (Nestor Notablis) is an endemic New Zealand bird and the only alpine parrot in theworld. Once considered a pest by high country farmers, now fully protected but numbers are still very low (estimated to be around 5000 birds left in the wild). Highly intelligent and also famous, appearing on television shows all around the world. Easily recognizable by their comical gait, screeching call and the fact that they will be perched on your car trying to chew anything rubber.

Where are the best places to see Kea in New Zealand?
1. Arthurs Pass, easily accessible from Christchurch on day tours. That's what we do, a day tour that combines a ride on the TranzAlpine with a guided walk in Arthur's Pass NationalPark. We often see Kea in Arthurs Pass village, the Otira lookout and if we are lucky, on our walk up the Bealey Valley.
2. Mount Cook village, skifields around the Southern Lakes (even in summer), higher parts of the Milford Road.

Our tours include: Christchurch central city accommodation pick up and drop off service,  full commentary in private vehicle journey to Arthur’s Pass, free use of our rain jackets, walking poles & backpacks, detailed explanation of flora, fauna, history and geology while  walking, lunch (including hot drinks), morning or afternoon tea, visit to Otira viaduct lookout and the Arthurs Pass National Park Visitor Centre. For customers who travel by TranzAlpine, assistance boarding, TranzAlpine information sheet, transfer from Christchurch accommodation to station.

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