Shopping on the West Coast

If you have nature-fatigue during your West Coast holiday, don’t despair – the Coast is brimming with galleries and shops to indulge your love of shopping.


Hector Pottery has a shop at 116 Palmerston Street, Westport's main street and their main gallery at Ngakawau, thirty minutes drive from Westport along State Highway 67. Established in 1974, Hector Pottery is famous for producing beautiful contemporary New Zealand pottery. Hector Pottery, 1 Main Road, Ngakawau, (03) 782 8107.

Every Saturday in Westport, a vibrant market takes place at the Westport Clocktower. There are a number of stalls selling locally produced products including wooden chopping boards, jewellery and clothing. Don’t miss out on some freshly baked goods made by the resident German bakers, delicious!

Whanake Gallery and Espresso Bar specialises in good coffee and photography. Choose images of local scenery captured by Westport photographer Staci Offwood on a variety of different mediums, including tiles, canvases, framed prints and on cushions. Staci’s photos are a great way to take a slice of New Zealand home. As you drive into Westport along the main drag you won’t miss the distinctive Whanake building on the right opposite New World. Whanake Gallery and Espresso Bar, 173 Palmerston Street, Westport, (03) 789 5076.


Left Bank Art Gallery on the left bank of the Grey River is housed in the old Bank of New Zealand building, built in 1924. You’ll find exhibited an array of contemporary New Zealand paintings, prints, photography, sculpture and crafts in the main gallery and vault spaces of the building. The Left Bank Art Gallery, 1 Tainui Street, Greymouth, (03) 768 0038.


At Barrytown you can experience making your own knife at Barrytown Knifemaking. Although this isn’t technically shopping you can make a knife and gift it to someone near and dear to you. You will get to forge your own blade from red hot steel and complete your knife complete with a native timber handle, brass bolsters and pins. You don’t have to worry about travelling home with your knife either, the friendly staff will securely wrap your knife so it’s safe to travel with. Make sure it’s packed securely in your main luggage, not in your hand luggage. Contact Barrytown Knifemaking on free phone 0800 256 433 for more information and to book a space.


The Market and Craft Co-op is open seven days a week and stocks with arts and crafts produced by local artists. You’ll get a chance to meet these talented people, they man the market.

Hale, Smallbone and Storekeepers Gallery is also run by local artists who hold permanent exhibitions there. Artists Ruth Vaega, Alison Hale, Michelle Green, Keith Wills, Charley Gray and potter Chris Lewis run the gallery. As there is normally a working artist on site you can watch them in their work and ask them any questions about their creative process.

Franz Josef Glacier

Te Koha (Maori for “the gift”) stocks a wide range of New Zealand arts and craft, including exquisite carved objects made of bone, stone and wood and jade. Head to 10 Main Road, Franz Josef Glacier.