Surfing at Piha Beach

Piha Beach has the most consistent and best quality surf in the Auckland region. Check out where advanced surfers catch their waves and how they get out.

Piha Beach is surrounded by massive rock features that are supposed remains from the ring of a giant volcanic crater. These rock formations create sheltered surf breaks and some amazing access points to the surf.


Surfing at Piha is picturesque and safe in most conditions due to the rock formations. Here is a video where Piha Surf School instructors show one jump off point to access waves on the outside bar. If anyone is unsure of conditions or needs guidance on when or where conditions are best, Piha Surf School can be contacted through their website. Piha Surf School instructors are past NZ Champion surfers who are enthusiasts happy to ensure all visitors to Piha remain safe and have the best time while in Piha. We are also available to guide people around the area.


After your surf in Piha, you can refresh yourself at 'Adey's Place' takeaway bar or at 'The Piha Cafe'. For accommodation there is the Piha Camping Ground or Piha Beachstay (backpackers). Please note there are no ATM machines or places to buy petrol in Piha.