The Great Ponsonby Art Hotel: A True Ponsonby Experience

More than a boutique hotel. A place to stay for those who have a passion for life and wish to enjoy Auckland.

The Great Ponsonby Art Hotel is one of the finest places to stay in New Zealand. Our crew will help you make your time in Auckland and New Zealand a wonderful experience. Ponsonby is known as the hippest strip in Auckland. We look forward to hosting you and making your time with us special.

Travel adds extra stress to the already demanding working day. And to make it worse, come evening, there's nowhere to call home. Luxury hotels present an impressive face - doormen at attention, reception staff in starched uniforms, soaring lobbies, indoor gardens...

But it's hard to feel at home in an environment shared with busloads of tourists or in an air-conditioned, beige and cream suite with all the warmth of a hospital ward. The modern traveler needs an environment which emphasizes comfort rather than the brand identity of an international hotel chain, a place to feel like a guest - not a battery hen.

The Great Ponsonby Art Hotel is in a quiet cul-de-sac, an easy stroll from the heart of Auckland's eating areas - an oasis of unique style and comfort in the inner city; a place where small is beautiful and where creature comforts mean more than design.

And our environment means the world: natural wood insulation; eco kitchen, cleaning and laundry; worm farm and compost, herb garden, fejoas from the hedges, free range/organic eggs, organic and Fairtrade coffee, select local suppliers, recycled paper, carbon offset scheme - sustainability at work.