The nine stages of your Queenstown skydiving experience

A skydive doesn’t just involve jumping out of a plane there is a mental and physical process that takes place before you take the ultimate plunge.

We’ll take you through the nine stages of your skydive experience so you know exactly what to expect when you jump from a perfectly good airplane from 15,000ft over the Adventure Capital of the World.

Booking your skydive

So you’ve made the decision to jump out of a perfectly good plane from 15,000ft over Queenstown, now all you need to do is lock in the day.

You can book in your skydive online at or visit the NZONE Skydive store in central Queenstown.

NZONE Skydive highly recommend allowing at least one back up day in case your skydive is delayed due to the changeable weather in Queenstown.


It’s the day of your jump and you wake up feeling nervous and excited. After a light breakfast it’s time to check-in for your jump at the NZONE Skydive store.

After checking-in you’ll be taken to the briefing room where the friendly team walk you through what’s about to happen.

The drive to the dropzone

After your briefing you’ll take a 20 minute scenic drive along Lake Wakatipu from the heart of Queenstown to the skydiving drop zone located on a working sheep farm in picturesque Jack’s Point.

It doesn’t get much more kiwi than that!

Getting suited up and meeting your tandem master

When you arrive at the dropzone you’ll be greeted by one of the NZONE Skydive hosts who will take you through to the hangar where you’ll be given a jumpsuit and introduced to your Tandem Master and freefall photographer if you choose to purchase a photo and video package

The 15 minute flight to altitude

Once you’re ready to go you’ll board the skydiving plane for a 15 minute scenic flight to altitude.

Exit and freefall

Once you reach 15,000ft the plane door will be opened and you and your tandem master will exit the plane into freefall. For some 60 seconds you’ll plunge towards the ground at speeds of up to 200km/h, terminal velocity.


When your tandem master pulls the parachute you’ll enjoy five minutes under canopy to enjoy the views of Queenstown as you glide back down to earth.


When you  land back at the dropzone you can high five your tandem master and head back in to the hangar to celebrate skydiving over the adventure capital of the world.

The drive back to town

The adrenaline has started to wear off and you can relax as you head back to Queenstown where you can take a nap, head to the pub or tackle your next adrenaline pumping activity.

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