The best things to see and do in Hokitika

Hokitika is the cool little town on the West Coast of the Southern Alps, NZ. Learn what there is to do and see in this picturesque, seaside tourist town.

Impressive surroundings and a wealth of gold, timber, pounamu jade and productive dairy land makes Hokitika a place strongly influenced by the land and its resources.

It provided early pioneers with many challenges but also with beauty and riches too hard to ignore (and over 100 pubs!). Modern day visitors appreciate its riches too -- with good reason.

Scenic landscapes, quality arts and crafts, a vibrant history and laid back attitude make Hokitika your ideal place to enjoy the true character of the West Coast.

Scenic landscapes / Easy Access Nature  

Hokitika is located centrally on the West Coast and is surrounded by the Southern Alps, multiple lakes and rivers, and the Tasman Sea. 

This variety of landscapes offers views all around (including Aoraki Mt Cook) and a wealth of activities such as biking, hiking, fishing, boating, hunting and an 18-hole links golf course.

It is also easy day trips to attractions including the Hokitika Gorge, Pancake Rocks, Shantytown and the Glaciers. 

Quality Arts and Crafts  

Hokitika boasts a wide variety of quality arts and crafts galleries. Artisans are inspired by local materials, creating arts and crafts featuring pounamu jade, gold, wood, glass blowing, copper, the rare ruby rock and much more.

The galleries often double as workshops providing visitors the unique opportunity to meet the artists and watch them at work. It is a fun day walking around town to view all the shops.

Vibrant History  

Hokitika’s interesting culture and history are also prevalent throughout the town. It can be explored easily on the town’s heritage trail, viewing the town's historical buildings or at the local museum.

No doubt some long time locals have some interesting stories to share too!

Laid Back Lifestyle / Beach Town

No traffic lights, no fast food outlets, no mega stores...just a picturesque town on the beach. You can relax and enjoy a simpler way of life in Hokitika while still having the benefit of a full service, walkable town. 

Hokitika is a cool little town to enjoy the true character of “the Coast”.


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