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Use this FREE online guide to discover everything you need - and more - about travelling, working and living in New Zealand.

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BackpackerGuide.NZ is a free resource written by backpackers who know a little too much about New Zealand. 

In early 2014, we started an objective guide to New Zealand aimed at filling the gap of information for backpackers and people travelling New Zealand on a budget. We also saw that backpackers and employers would benefit from a free-to-use job listings site, specific to backpackers.

We're passionate about this country! Backpacker Guide NZ was also started simply for the love of New Zealand. 

Backpacker Guide NZ delivers straight-to-the-point answers to questions backpackers often have, whilst providing fun articles in between. People visiting New Zealand or are here on a working holiday visa can find information spanning both travel planning and enjoying New Zealand in-country.

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