Adrenaline cocktail

If you think of a bungy jump as a shot of Tequila, think of an NZONE tandem skydive as a cocktail. It is enjoyable, lasts longer and not half as scary!

The people of New Zealand are a bunch of adrenalin junkies. Any airplane, bridge, building, cliff or other type of platform you can throw yourself off or out from, most likely they have done it, and probably invented the sport too. And it is quite contagious. Even though you might go to New Zealand with your feet firmly planted on the ground, all of a sudden you find yourself jumping out of an airplane – getting carried away because everyone else is doing it.

Queenstown on New Zealand's South Island is the self-proclaimed adventure capital of the world. Here you will find the world’s first commercial bungy jump, the canyon swing and New Zealand's first commercial tandem skydive operator NZONE Skydive. If you think of a bungy jump as a shot of Tequila, think of a tandem skydive as a cocktail. It is more enjoyable, lasts longer, and I promise you it is less scary.

NZONE Skydive in Queenstown is the country’s first commercial tandem skydive operator. One in five scheduled skydives get cancelled due to bad weather conditions, so if weather permits to skydive, do not wait. Book in advance if you can, as it is a very popular activity. Anyone between 30 and 100 kilos can skydive regardless of age.

NZONE has 22 years of experience and no fatalities. They require all their instructors to have done between 3,000 and 5,000 skydives, despite the fact that the law only requires them to have done 1,000. My instructor Sasa has 25 years of experience. On a normal day he does 10 tandem skydives. Needless to say I was in very experienced, safe hands.

Skydiving is truly amazing, and the scenery in Queenstown is absolutely stunning. Remember to get proof that you embraced the fear, with a video and photo package, so you can relive the moment again and again. Cheers!