Breakfast in Auckland: Places to Make Your Mornings Delicious

Ah, breakfast! The familiar aroma of eggs, bread and butter, milk, cereal, oh and coffee! But think again.

Ah, breakfast! The familiar aroma of eggs, bread and butter, milk, cereal, oh and coffee! But think again. Doesn't the same aroma of eggs, bread and butter, milk, cereal and coffee makes you nauseous sometimes? Add to that, the pain of cooking early in the morning. All this leads to your breakfast being narrowed down to milk and cereal every day. Healthy and boring! Thanks to the people who think out of the box, new ideas are coming up to make breakfast interesting by not only updating the menu but adding flavours of excitement to the way you eat.

The Paleo breakfast has been enjoying an ever rising publicity and speculation. This diet plan suggests that we should change our eating habits to the way they were when we were cavemen, like eating plants, meat, nuts and basically avoiding processed food. Apparently, this is the diet which is most suitable to our body. Another innovation, The Breakfast Club in Auckland, is a brilliant concept. Events are pre-scheduled where you can have a delicious breakfast and then attend lectures from top businessmen and other leaders from all over the country. What a way to feed your mind at the start of the day!

For many people in the caffeine crazy New Zealand, breakfast means having coffee at a deli and any food item to go along with it. Al's Deli serves that purpose effectively by serving delicious items like cronut, bagels, smoked salmon etc., along with the nation's favourite drink(read flat white). For a breakfast of choc-cherry pie with Havana filtered coffee, visit the Federal Delicatessen. Ortolana, which starts serving at 6:30 AM, has an exciting menu which includes the traditional dishes but with a peppy touch. For example the Heirloom tomato bread salad, Lardo roasted potatoes, Zucchini, young Romano, herb omelette etc.

There is a new trend creeping in called the 'brinner'. That's right! Breakfast for dinner! The idea is to appease those people who are either late risers, or too lazy to cook their favourite dish in the morning. A few breakfast places in New Zealand have started to serve items off their menu late into the night. Dishes such as pancakes, bacon jam, compotes, can cause a craving at any time of the day and this is the reason the idea of serving 'brinner' can be a hit with restaurants. It's time to stop eating the boring cereal every day for breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day, make it the most interesting one too.

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