Explore Taupo’s different flyfishing options.

Have more fun and catch more trout in the Taupo region by exploring off the beaten track and trying techniques from your own country. You'll be surprised.

The beautiful Lake Taupo region has alot more trout fishing than most people realise. Whilst the famous Tongariro, Tauranga Taupo and Waitahanui rivers attract many anglers every year, there are many other great spots that hold both rainbow and brown trout.

Tourists and locals alike drive over or past a number of these fishing spots every day without considering the flyfishing opportunities they hold. Most streams, rivers, creeks and lakes in the Taupo region hold trout and are worth exploring.

Instead of heading to the famous spots why not have a nosey around some of the other streams and creeks running into Lake Taupo, or walk along the Waikato river, or try a smaller lake like Lake Kuratau.

You may be surprised to find a big brown trout lurking under a bank, or a number of rainbows eager to take a fly simply because they are not used to seeing anglers.

If you are from overseas why not try your own fly fishing techniques here.

The World Flyfishing Champs held here a couple of years ago proved that some of the European techniques worked equally well or even better than some local techniques that the majority of visitors to Taupo use.

The key is to think back to when you were young and new to fishing: you would look for fish everywhere and try anything that might work. If you can get this mindset back and get off the beaten track in the Taupo district you should be able to have some amazing flyfishing fun.

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