New Zealand Nature Tours - Follow the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary

Follow the footsteps of iconic New Zealand adventurer Sir Edmund Hillary which is within easy reach of Auckland city.

New Zealand nature tours

Follow the footsteps of iconic New Zealand adventurer Sir Edmund Hillary which is within easy reach of Auckland city. The five generations of the Hillary family that have enjoyed and explored the Piha coastline since the 1920s, were also passionate about creating a trail along the dramatic black sand beaches of the west coast,which the nation in gratitude dedicated it in January 2010 to mark the second anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary's passing away.

Daniel, 39, father of 3, Titirangi local and guide to Love My New Zealand continues this tradition and would like to share his love and passion for New Zealand nature tours for our more adventurous clients. Some of the treks will include this historical narrative which will be an amazing  way to remember this intrepid icon of New Zealand history.

From sparkling alpine lakes on snow-crested peaks high above the clouds in the Central Plateau, to the rich, green rainforest and wild coastal cliffs right here in the Waitakeres, this unspoiled paradise in the South Pacific offers the outdoor enthusiast an enviable selection.

Fancy an easy stroll with unmatched views and memories to last a lifetime? Tick. How about an invigorating hike over an unworldly lunar landscape of black dunes sheltering a pristine lake? Tick. Hidden waterfalls? Tick.  Jurassic valleys? Tick. Caves and glow-worms? Tick and tick.

So who am I? Well, you’ve heard about those children who somehow get to the tops of mountains before they’re out of nappies? I was one of them. In fact and very memorably, my father once had my two older siblings, my younger sister and me all kitted up and roped together on top of Mt. Tongariro, which at 1978m above sea level is one of the North Island’s highest mountains. I know it happened because there’s a photo, a real one – and this was pre-Photoshop. I just remember being incredibly alive – and the smile on my face is pure bliss.

As activities go, hiking (or tramping as we call it here in NZ) is actually a great choice. There’s fresh air, exercise, views, dangers, triumphs, challenges, tears, teamwork and, very importantly, chocolate and barley sugars. There’s nothing quite like walking up a mountain carrying a pack half your size, sucking on a barley sugar and a mitten-full of snow with just 2 squares of Energy chocolate for later, all the while knowing there are approximately, but not definitely, another 4 ½ hours to go before you get to the hut. Why wouldn’t an 8yr old love that? Such were my holidays and weekends growing up.

No doubt my father expected I’d learn both tolerance and tenacity, that one day I too would be just as hardy and determined as he. While that may be the case, what I certainly also ended up with was his passion for the outdoors. I consider it the best gift he gave me, and New Zealand as the perfect place to enjoy it.

My enthusiasm for the outdoors continued to find expression in rock-climbing, caving, abseiling and even sky-diving, while in recent years I have competed in and enjoyed many off-road half-, full, and even ultra-marathons. Along the way I have also clocked up 12 years experience managing bars, restaurants, events, parties and functions. Providing exceptional service has always been one of my key strengths and to now be marrying together luxury hospitality and the outdoors is a dream come true for me.

Understandably there are no prizes for guessing what I typically do with 1, 2 or all three of my sons on the weekends! Whether we’re camping overnight – roasting marshmallows and drifting off to the sound of New Zealand’s native owl the morpork – or just out for a morning hike watching the sun’s rays break through the mist, the smiles on my boys’ faces are priceless.

Join me on one of our guided walks soon and experience just what it is to LOVE MY NEW ZEALAND.

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