Pure Dirt Rotorua

My first Dirt Bike Tour! It was a great experience in Rotorua. Thrilling, lovely view and so much fun.

My next stop was Pure Dirt Tours,offering Motorcycling off road. It doesn’t matter if you would like to try dirt biking for the first time or are already an expert looking for a multiday adventure. You don’t even have to have a license since the tours are all off road. They have a huge range of diffent bikes, equipment and trails, so there will be definitely something for you as well.
I arrived and was cordially welcomed by Merv and his cute dog. He asked my abilities concerning motor biking. I told him I had no experience at all, but he told me I shouldn’t worry. He gave me pants, boots, a shirt, a helmet, a corselet and gloves to put on. I already felt really professional wearing this outfit even though I hadn’t even touched a bike yet. He gave me a little red motor bike and started explaining how the motor bike works. I am so glad I already have a driver’s license because it was so much easier to understand what I needed the clutch for and that I have to pull the clutch and the break at the same time to stop.

I sat down on the bike and Merv showed me how to start the engine. After a couple times of killing the motor I finally moved forward. I followed Merv through the training park and immediately loved sitting on the bike, feeling and controlling the speed. I learned how to change gears and how to behave in turns. Merv commited himself really well to my problems and questions.

After practicing I felt comfortable with going onto a little tour up the mountain. I followed Merv up the hill and even though I was already wearing my sunglasses, the dust he dispersed made my eyes tear. It was so much more fun to drive up and down, through the meadows and the dirt than to drive around in a circle at the training park.

Merv was really considerate, waited for me but also showed me some jumps. I agreed to going on a short bushtrack. It was amazing, even though a got stuck in the mud a couple times. The bikes are definitely heavier than they look like. Fortunately, I got a strong man with me who helped me pulling it out of the dirt. I was so happy and proud when we arrived back at the training park. I was complimented on my first dirt biking and actually didn’t want to stop. I can totally understand why Merv is so passionate about it. You can enjoy the nature in a really thrilling and fun way.