Spa & wellness experiences in New Zealand

Embrace wellness to keep up your energy levels and immune system. Healthy diets, exercise, and relaxation are key to a wellness lifestyle.

It is important to embrace wellness to keep up your energy levels and immune system. Healthy diets, exercise, and relaxation are key to a wellness lifestyle. New Zealand offers great choices for relaxation and wellness experiences. 

In the North island, the natural mineral waters at Polynesian Spa provide a variety of bathing areas; adults only, luxury, private and family pools. The uniqueness of the two hot mineral springs that feed in to the 27 pools at Polynesian Spa with their own unique curative properties have seen guests from all over the world visit this location for centuries as a place of healing. The Priest Spring provides great relief for tired muscles and sore joints due to its acidity level, whereas alkaline water from the Rachel Spring is very soothing on the skin. Historically, it was said that those who swam in the Rachel Spring water would be blessed with ageless beauty.

The new reflexology walk is located in the Adult Pools at Polynesian Spa. It stimulates pressure points in your feet that correspond to all major body organs and areas - encouraging vital energy and blood flow throughout your body, relieving stress, improving balance and enhancing physical and mental well-being.

The new cold plunge pool located in the Lake Spa is perfect for hot cold hydrotherapy. The extremes of hot and cold water cause your muscles to expand and contract which offers gentle detoxification as toxins are squeezed from your muscles. It also improves circulation and the benefits of improved circulation shouldn't be underestimated. When your body has poor circulation, it's impeded in delivering fresh blood to all areas of the body. As a result, the body can't cleanse the blocked and stagnant areas regularly - and toxins, filth and disease accumulate in these oxygen and fresh blood deprived areas. Hot cold bathing is beneficial for muscle pain recovery and increasing the body’s immunity. We recommend you alternate between hot and cold pools 2-3 times for the best results.

At Hanmer Springs in the South Island, enjoy Aqua therapy. AquaTherapy originated in Europe and is a new form of water relaxation and massage to benefit the body.  It is credited with increasing flexibility and strengthening muscles, improving balance and agility, decreasing joint swelling and pain and helping with a number of medical conditions.

Each of our three pools uses different elements of AquaTherapy.  One features a waterfall, the second has a series of water jets to massage your body and the third has powerful water and air jets which should be on your 'must do' list.

The water flows between the three pools via waterfall creating a relaxing, bubbling sound that adds to the sense of escape. It is no wonder these pools are so popular.

New Zealand has many great spas and mineral pools to add to your wellness. 


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