The Best Water Activities in Rotorua

Rotorua is the perfect destination to visit if you are a lover of water and the wide range of water activities available to enjoy.

Rotorua is the perfect destination to visit if you are a lover of water and the wide range of water activities available to enjoy. Here we identify the best water activities not to miss when visiting Rotorua.

There are 18 stunning lakes around Rotorua which are a mecca for fishing, boating or simply relaxing on the lake edge soaking up the stunning surrounds. Here we have a list of the 4 ‘must do’ lake activities that should be on your itinerary when visiting Rotorua:

Kawarau Jet:

If you are after adventure, then make sure to experience the spins, speed and adrenalin from an exhilarating jet boat ride on Lake Rotorua. Feel the gush of 80km speeds in your hair as a professional speed boat driver glides you through all the tricks and spins. If you are after a more peaceful experience, then try a parasailing ride 400 feet in the air. Enjoy the stunning views of lake Rotorua and the surrounding areas by yourself or in tandem with a friend.

Rotorua Duck Tours:

Sit back and relax on an amphibious WWII landing craft and get to see Rotorua on land and water. Rotorua Duck Tours takes you on a journey through Rotorua where you will learn the history and culture of the area before splashing down onto several lakes. Be mesmerised by the natural beauty of the lakes district. This is a great educational tour for families of all ages and in all weather conditions.

Lakeland Queen:

Take a leisurely cruise around Lake Rotorua on a traditional paddle steamer, with all the charm and character from a by-gone era. Experience a romantic cruise with that someone special and take in the stunning views around Lake Rotorua before enjoying either a buffet breakfast, lunch, dinner or a twilight wine to round off the evening.

Polynesian Spa:

If you after a bit of pampering, then a visit to Polynesian Spa is guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Located on the edge of Lake Rotorua and Sulphur Bay, Polynesian Spa offers 28 naturally heated thermal pools to soak up all the natural benefits of geothermal water. The Alkaline water helps nourish your skin whilst the acidic water is renowned for its therapeutic properties in relieving aches and pains.


These are some great options when visiting Rotorua on your holiday. To make your trip itinerary as simple and easy as possible, check out Rotorua Super passes, a one stop shop to see all the best Rotorua Tourist attractions with one easy pass.

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