Wairakau Stream Track

This DOC track begins at Campbell Rd Totara North and finishes at Lane Cove, Whangaroa Harbour. You can also climb "Dukes Nose" for some harbour views.

Time: 2 hours  Distance: 5.6km

Wairakau Stream Track gives walking access to the western Arm, Lane Cove and The Dukes Nose. Fantasic diversity of environments and spectacular views. Highly recommended.
5.6km - 2 hrs.

The track begins at Campbell Rd. Park your car here or at Wairakau Rd where the sign is. For the first 30 minutes its an uphill walk. This is the worst bit so its good to get it out of the way. From the top of the ridge its all down hill or flat to Lane Cove. Its a well marked and good track for every one. Be aware you have to cross the Wairakau Stream twice. In summer you can hop across the stream, barely getting your feet wet. This is also a great place for a swim. The track then meanders around the beautiful cliff enclosed Wairakau Estuary. It's another world in here. Mangroves, Pohutukawa,  waterfalls and rainbows. Eventually the track leads to Lane Cove where there are great harbour views. The DOC hut is here and needs to be booked through The Department of Conservation Bay of Island office. You can walk back or get the water taxi back to Totara North.

You can walk the track under your own arrangements and be picked up by water taxi and returned to your car. Save the walk back

Information from Department of Conservation website.

Kairara Rocks ( Duke's Nose) access by boat, or Wairakau Stream Track. Spectacular views down the harbour from the Lane Cove hut - 500mtrs - 45mins.

The track begins at Lane Cove. It takes about an hr. return once you stay on the top for 15 minutes. Be aware you have to drag yourself up the last 10 metres on a chain. Totally manageable but not for the faint hearted.