100% Middle-earth

New Zealand’s movie-like landscapes aren't just a fantasy, but a country waiting to be explored by you. From outdoor adventures to ultimate luxury, this is a land where you can pack a lifetime of amazing memories into every day.

Indulge on magical islands

New Zealand’s mix of spectacular landscapes, cosmopolitan cities, and Maori culture offer a diverse range of unforgettable experiences, all delivered with the laid-back, Kiwi hospitality.

Hike through lush rainforests near glaciers, soak in geothermal hot pools surrounded by snow-capped mountains, and relax on perfect white sand beaches that stretch for miles. End each perfect day indulging in award-winning cuisine paired with wine from local vineyards.

Revel in spellbounding moments

Whether it’s to visit some of the filming locations from The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings movies, to hike one of New Zealand’s nine Great Walks, or to experience the wide range of new cycle trails that cover the country, it’s more exciting than ever to take your own journey to New Zealand and turn your travel fantasies into reality on your next vacation.

Traveler, your dreams are waiting

Fly to Auckland non-stop from Los Angeles or San Francisco. It’s just a 12 hour overnight flight that lands you into Middle-earth in the morning.   One thing is certain; once you’ve been to New Zealand, you’ll be forever kept under its spell.