Cycling New Zealand

Gear up for the most spectacular landscapes you could dream of, easy accessibility to diverse trails, and friendly and relaxed Kiwi hospitality. This is what New Zealand cycling is all about.

Dive into diversity 

New Zealand is a compact country where scenery literally changes around every corner. In just one ride, you can cycle from the ocean’s edge through lush rainforests, past glacial lakes and snow-capped peaks.  Or take a coastal ride past white sand beaches and turquoise bays, then wander on a wine trail leisurely through vineyards. 

Every day brings a new adventure 

No matter what city or town you’re in, you’ll always be near a trail. And no matter what trail you’re on, you’re spoiled for choice for additional activities. From hiking, kayaking and wildlife encounters to Maori cultural experiences and wine tasting, cycling is a great way to soak it all in. And you’ll always meet locals along the way that are eager to show you their favorite spots. 

Create your own Kiwi Journey 

Stretching across the North and South Islands is the New Zealand Cycle Trail, encompassing 23 Great Rides. Also referred to as ‘Nga Haerenga’, these trails have been created so you can cycle almost everywhere, and there are rides that cater to every skill level.  Whether you’re a seasoned mountain biker or recreational cyclist, you can immerse yourself in New Zealand’s landscapes, nature, culture and people. 

From spectacular peaks at sunrise to emerald valleys at sunset, take a ride of a lifetime in New Zealand.