The access to this track is currently closed.

1 Hr 2.6 km (return)


  • Moraines and ancient glaciers


Travel past ancient moraines and glacier-moulded landscapes as you explore Fox Glacier to its terminal face.

Fox Glacier is a beautiful yet volatile place – do not let the serene scene fool you. The glacier is constantly moving. Rocks and ice can fall from the terminal face without warning and creeks may rise quickly. Take extreme care and stay behind safety barriers. 

For the first 100 metres of the track you will pass large mounds of moraine that cover 'dead ice' left behind when the glacier retreated in the 1960s.

From there, the track travels past the landslip zone (do not stop in this area) and on towards the glacier, crossing several small creeks along the way.

The track comes within 500 metres of the glacier's terminal face, a short climb takes you up to the viewing area. 

Department of Conservation

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Fox Glacier Te Moeka o Tuawe Valley Walk(opens in new window)

More information

Getting there

  • Drive south from Fox Glacier township, turn left before Fox River bridge.


Need to know

  • This track is sometimes closed due to ice collapse, flooding or landslides. Check current conditions at the local DOC office (opens in new window)or visitor centre.
  • Always take warm and waterproof clothing as the weather can change rapidly. 
  • Carry drinking water, insect repellent and sun protection at all times.
  • No drones allowed.

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