Stroll around the streets of Whanganui and discover a wealth of impressive heritage buildings. The city's special character has been beautifully preserved.

The city of Whanganui has many well-preserved historic buildings, in fact Victoria Avenue is recognised as one of New Zealand's most attractive main streets. The heritage theme adopted during the avenue's restoration reflects the rich history of the city. Gaslights, wrought iron garden seats, palm and plane trees and wide paved footpaths all contribute to a very elegant effect.

There are two city walks that will lead you around Whanganui's most revered heritage buildings. The Central City Heritage Walk begins in Victoria Avenue and includes 38 places of interest. The Old Town Heritage Walk covers the city area closest to the river and includes a couple of hotels, in case you get thirsty.

Stroll across the Whanganui City Bridge to the Durie Hill pedestrian tunnel, which leads to the famous Durie Hill Elevator. When you get to the top, climb the Durie Hill War Memorial Tower, built of fossilised shell rock. From this splendid viewpoint, take in the spectacular scenery of Wanganui and the Tasman Sea. On a clear day you'll also see Mount Taranaki and Mount Ruapehu.

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