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New Zealand Vacation - Outdoors and adventure


Featured Adventurer
Join Peter Potterfield Catch up with Peter, American hiking journalist, read his blogs and listen to his audio diary from his time in New Zealand.

Featured Adventurer
Discover Kaitiakitanga Richard Bangs who experienced the land, sea and sky in ways that are compatible with kaitiakitanga, a Maori philosophy that urges us to tread softly on the Earth.

The 9 Great Walks of New Zealand There are no walks on earth quite like the nine Great Walks of New Zealand. Find out which walk is best suited for you and see highlights of other visitor's walking experiences.


It’s no secret that New Zealand has scenery on a continental scale. Much like the different adventures found at every turn. The fresh air and relative peace make outdoor conditions ideal to rejuvenate and invigorate body and mind.

Trampers at Tongariro - click for more.
Our national parks - all 14 of them - are laced with hiking trails. You can wander for a day or several, staying in purpose-built huts. From the waterfalls and ancient forests of Fiordland to the active volcanic terrain of Tongariro, every park is distinctly different.

If you love the freedom of the mountains, the Southern Alps will have you awestruck. Alpine treks, canyoning, lake cruises and jet boating each provide a different approach to mountain appreciation.

Adventure is a very individual thing. Some people like to go screaming beyond their comfort zone on the end of a bungy cord; others prefer the long, slow type of thrill, such as a multi-day hiking expedition.

A world within  - click for more.
In Northland you can go big game fishing and dune surfing; underground adventures such as black water rafting, rappelling or simply marveling at glow worms can be experienced in the Waitomo Caves; and Westland is where you can hike on a huge glacier that creeps down into the forest.

Kiwi ingenuity is the source of several crazy experiences that will take you to a whole new level of fun. There’s fly-by-wire, zorbing, canyon-swinging and dam dropping, to name a few. If you’re not sure what they entail, just dig a little further into this website.


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