3-4 Hrs 36 km


  • Historical railway line and artefacts
  • Tunnels and bridges
  • Forest scenery



This is a dual mountain biking/walking trail - please take care.

Check out this fascinating ride through native bush on a historic railway line. There are tunnels, bridges, waterfalls, huge trees – the works.


Hidden deep amongst forest in the West Coast of the South Island are the remains of a railway line long since abandoned. The only way it could be built among the steep hills and narrow ravines was to blast tunnels through the rock and build bridges over the numerous rivers. The result is an easy trail, packed with interesting features.

Riding the trail

Most people start riding from Seddonville, near the end of Old Ghost Road, and pedal over a moderate hill to the trailhead. This way the majority of the trip flows gently downhill. It passes many interesting relics, crosses rivers and passes through tunnels of both forest and rock. There are plenty of signs and interpretation boards to guide and inform you along the way. Nature is fast reclaiming areas that were once bustling with mining activity.

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