From a quiet drift through forest wilderness to a white-knuckled, wide-eyed journey down turbulent rapids, rafting covers the full adventure spectrum.

The mountains of New Zealand’s interior feed a myriad of fast flowing rivers that run through the forests to the sea. Grade 1 rivers offer relatively tranquil waters, while grade 5 is regarded as an extreme sport. Trips ranging from a couple of hours to five days are led by qualified rafting guides who comply with established safety codes. All gear and special clothing is provided.

Rafting rivers in the North Island are mostly found in the central and east coast areas of Lake Taupo, Bay of Plenty and the Hawke's Bay. Lake Taupo's Tongariro River is home to three sections of white water, ranging from Grade 2 to Grade 4.  In the South Island, you’ll get the chance to try rafting around the resort town of Queenstown, Christchurch and on the wild West Coast. 

Some experiences include a combined helicopter and rafting experience. You can also try black water rafting through underground caves.

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