Chatham Islands Airport (Tuuta Airport) is located on Chatham Island.

Air Chathams link the islands to the mainland, find out more about how to get to the Chatham Islands(opens in new window).

Where are the Chatham Islands? 

The Chatham Islands are part of New Zealand and consist of two inhabited islands, Chatham Island and Pitt Island. 

The islands are approximately 800 kilometres east of the South Island, in the Pacific Ocean. 

Chatham Islands Airport (Tuuta Airport) airport is located on Chatham Island in an area called Waitangi - not to be confused with Waitangi in Northland.  

Flights to the Chatham Islands

Air Chathams(opens in new window) operates year-round, weekday flights from Auckland Airport, Wellington and Christchurch, with increased services in the summer months from Auckland on Saturdays. 

Flight time is just two hours and aviation enthusiasts will surely enjoy the flight on Air Chathams 1950's Convair 580 aircraft.

Flying from Chatham Island to nearby Pitt Island (14kms south) is a short flight onboard Air Chathams six-seater Cessna 260 aircraft, the flight takes around 20 minutes and is the island's main form of freight - transporting visitors, shellfish and live crayfish to the mainland.

You won't find this flight online so give Air Chathams a call to book your seat in advance. 

Transport options on the Chatham Islands

There are no taxis on the Chatham Islands. 

Airport transfers should be arranged when booking your accommodation, your hosts will be able to collect you from the airport. 

Rental cars are available on Chatham Island through Hotel Chathams (opens in new window)

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Services at Chatham Islands airport

- Comfortable waiting area

- Toilets

- Refreshments

- Wifi

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